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Secure & Private
Secure & Private

Pick your own privacy level. Only invited family members can view or update your tree. Use custom settings to hide sensitive information. We are a HTTPS/SSL secure website

Charts & Reports
Charts and Reports

Make your own family tree with Ancestor, Descendant and Family Charts. Family Trees will also contain printable Reports, Maps and a Relationship finder.


Publish and share your family stories. Send customized newsletters to family members with birthday and anniversary reminders for their close relatives.

Multiple Devices

You and invited family members can download the Mobile App and get Birthday reminders, view Photo Albums, add names and Upload Photos



$3 a month,
billed anually
$4 a month,
billed anually
Number of Names No Limit No Limit No Limit
Data Protection - WebSite Backup  
Number of Photos 50 1000 10,000
Connections in other trees  
Custom Newsletters  
Realtime Smart Match  
Printable Charts  
Printable Reports  
Highlight Family Lines 1 8 16
Advertisement Banner-Free  
Kinship Relationships  
Address Book  
Word limit for Individual Notes 500 Words 2500 8000
Define your own custom events 2 Events 24 24
Search Ranking and Site Promotion Low High High


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