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Welcome! This website was created on 01 Feb 2003 and last updated on 19 Aug 2019.

There are 7592 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of The_Bald, Charles II in 0832. The most recent event is the marriage of Matthew (Smith) Jackson and Zoe Taylor in 2019.The webmaster of this site is George (Aguilar) Yeo. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

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First of all I want to thank all those researchers, family and friends for your help,  With out you people I can’t build this massive family tree.  THIS GENEALOGY IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. 
 Although I am not a professional in genealogy I George Yeo born 1958, Author of this project, have  verified all the data within this website.
 This web-page is not guaranteed to be free of errors. 
 Despite the fact that I am managing this web-page, I do not consider this work of my own, this work  is produced thanks to the endeavour of Innumerable people as mentioned above. AS YOU BROWSE THIS WEBPAGE AND COME ACROSS ANY ERRORS LIKE, date, names, or even grammatically  speaking the way I am expressing my self in this web-page, or you want to add or remove details  about your family, please contact me at georgeyeoaguilar@gmail.com I'LL BE GRATEFUL IF YOU DO SO,  THANKS.
 i. Heralds visitations of the county of Cornwall, 1531, 1564, and 1620, with additions by J. L.  Vivian. London, 22nd October 1895
 ii. Heralds visitations of the county of Devon, 1531, 1564, and 1620, with additions by J. L.  Vivian. London, 22nd October 1895.
 iii. The history of the Granville family, by Roger Granville, Rector of Bideford, Exeter 1893. iv. Archives of the British Monarchy.
 v. Origins and meaning of Heraldry, by Michel Pastoureau
 vi. Registrars office in Gibraltar for birth, marriages and death. vii. Cemetery archives in Gibraltar 
 viii. The Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned in Gibraltar.
 ix. Family reunions.
 x. Sheila Mary Yeo of the Yeo Society in Devon England.
 xi. Albert Yeats genealogy, connected to Yeo of Gibraltar, via Eloisa Celia (Carlo) Yeats, She  married Edward (Garcia) Yeo.
 xii. Alexandra (Danino) Trico her genealogy, connected to descendants of Chipolina of Gibraltar via  her husband, Jonathan Albert (Rodriguez) Chipolina. 
 xiii. Michael Farrugia, his genealogy connected to Yeo of Gibraltar via Charlene (Vasquez) Ramagge,  her Grandfather was Abelardo (Yeo) Ramagge. Charlene married Louis (Farrugia) Olivero. xiv. Luis Arthur Stephen Parody, his genealogy connected to Yeo of Gibraltar via Agustin Enrique (Pau) Parody. Original surname is Parodi.
 xv. Neville Chipulina, his genealogy connected to Yeo of Gibraltar. Chipulina and Chipolina are  variant spellings of the Original surname Cipolina.
 xvi. Jaime (Yeo) Golt, his genealogy of the Golt-Baldacchino is connected to the Yeo of Gibraltar  via his mother, Nicole (Rodriguez) Yeo.
 Middle names (between Brackets), the use of this method is to identify Individuals easier. The use  of surnames as middle names is very common in 
 Great Britain, In most cases these middle name are referred as mother’s and/or grandmother’s  surnames. In Spain it is custom to put mother’s surname as the last name, Example:- Juan Eduardo  Yeo (Smith), in Portugal you can use either surnames as last name.  The Yeo of Gibraltar (Pedigree, Commences In 1841, with John Edward Broderick (Sanders) Yeo and his  wife Mary (Hambley) Smith, they made Gibraltar their home town both native of Devonport South  England. John and Mary, arrived at Gibraltar with their newborn son, this child was born 3rd March  1841 in Londenean. Londenean could possibly be the name of the vessel that brought them to  Gibraltar, travelling from Devonport, (the info about the newborn was found within the records of  the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned), after 3 days of their arrival to Gibraltar, this child was  baptised due to his very poor health conditions and was named after his father, John Edward. John,  the father was a blacksmith. Between 1841 and 1857 John and Mary had six children, four of these  children are found registered in the Cathedral, with the Yeo surname corrupted, the variant  spellings found are Yea, Yohe, Yoe, or even Ghio, the other two children died at a young age and  unnamed these were, the 4th child, a female and  the 6th child a male, the 5th child named Thomas  Joseph.
 In October 1848 the office of the civil registry of the city of Gibraltar was officially  inaugurated with the 1st entry of birth as Jose Rodriguez born, 30 October 1848, son of Juan  Rodriguez and Mother, Maria Garcia,(Volume 1. Page 1)., reason why the first three children were  only found at the Cathedral, they were born prior 1848, the last three, yes they were found  registered at  Gibraltar registrar’s office. Yeo of Gibraltar, descent from the 2nd and 3rd son.  Second son named, Edward (Smith) Yeo, married to Maria Amalia (Tudero) Macedo and the Third son  named, William (Smith) Yeo, married Francesca (Mejias) Licudi. Edward and William were the only two  surviving their siblings and the persons to set off the two branches of Yeo of Gibraltar at present  (year 2013). 
 Photograph dated back to 1942 has also survived to present days, to provide evidence of the Yeo  family way of life. Maria Amalia (Tudero) Macedo, wife of Edward (Smith) Yeo, is the old lady in  the photo of 5 generations, she was born 22 May 1848, she is holding her 2nd great grandson Charles  Dempsey currently living in Gibraltar (Year 2013), the man to her right hand side is her son, the  lady to her right hand side is her granddaughter and the younger lady mother of Charles and 1st  great granddaughter of Mari Amalia. 
 Picture of Maria Amalia (Tudero) Macedo and her family is displayed within this webpage, under the  Titled a Gibraltarian family of five generations living together at Wembley Stadium during the  WW II – 28-October-1942. 
 The research, I have done over the period of 20 years since early 1990’s, it sounds like a lot of  years for a small place like Gibraltar, take into account for this is not my occupation this is my  hobby, all the information found in Gibraltar date between 1840’s to 2013. After having done some  of the research on the Yeo of Gibraltar, I could not follow any track beyond John and Mary the  first Yeo-Smith to settle in Gibraltar. Lucky of me, in 1995-96 I managed to connect to the  Internet, and find this lovely lady also doing the Yeo family tree, her name Sheila Mary Preece  married to Stan Yeo. Sheila is owner and caretaker of a remarkable work she has created (her  website is The Yeo Society), caretaker of the massive Yeo family tree that’s how she like to be  called. I asked Sheila if she could help me out, I gave Sheila all those details I had gathered  from the Church and the registry in the City of Gibraltar.  ”Surprise”! Sheila lost track of John  and Mary; no records found of them after the baptism of their 1st son John Edward year 1841. Sheila  and me, having the same interest we both interchanged files. Sheila e-mailed me about 200 hundred  names, from John (Young) Yeo, born 1738 and Elizabeth Harvey, down to John (Broaderick) Yeo born  1794 and Mary Ann Sanders born about 1800. 
 I also copied to this webpage a short section of Sheila’s website, about the early family history.  John Edward Broderick (Sanders) Yeo, son of the last couple mentioned, is the progenitor of Yeo of  Gibraltar. 
 Yeo: Origin and meaning:- A Saxon word ÉA, meaning water and also developed from a Celtic word  GIFL, meaning forked river, the letter Y stands for GIFL, the river with the Y junction or with the  shape of a fork, and therefore the original surname is YÉA and is pronounced YO!! This name is  classed as a local name representing “at the yew” from the residence thereby, a west country name;  similarly Box, Ash, Birch, Plum-tree etc. Lower says “an ancient Devonshire family”. Prince  says “there was a fair dwelling named Yeo in the Parish of Alwington” in north-west of Devon, which  gives the  name to it’s inhabitant, as it is supposed it  took from a fair stream of water near by.  As mentioned earlier, in the ancient Saxon language called ÉA and in the French EAU and hence  corruptly YEAU, YEA, YA, YO, YOE, YOHE and at last YEO. The Yeo is a small river of that county, a  tributary of Cready, into which it falls near Creaditon. C.S. Gilbert copied the name from Tre-Yeo  in the Parish of Lancells near Stratton, Co, Cornwall. 11.335. In some cases this is probably true,  the local surname was the outcome from the place the man once held land or where he once lived.  Living near the mountain for example, would distinguish one man from another who lived some  distance away. 
 Family home and pedigree; Such dwelling mentioned in Yeo’s origin and meaning. This residence was a  handsome structure for those ancient times into which a Chapel belonged, in which there was a  dormitory for the dead. Thomas ate Yèa was the last resident of that name in this place, whose  daughter and heir, Joan became the wife of Jeffery Giffard, whose dwelling was there and his  posterity after him.  After, several descents in the name of Giffard, the estate came to Tomasine,  the only daughter and heir of John Giffard, the last of the line so called who resided there.  Thomasine married first John Bury of Colation, from who she obtained a divorce. After that she  became wife of Sir George Cary of Cockingham, whose family her land descended. Is not unlikely that  the name which flourished at Heanton, Sachville, Devon, England, this name proceeded from the house  called Yeo, this was anciently the inheritance of Sachville (De-Sacavilla) so far back as King John  and continued in that name to the reign of King Edward iii.  The pedigree of Yeo starts with William ate Yea of Heanton, Sachville, the first Yeo to be found  registered as head of family. born circa 1242, whose son Nicholas De La Ya married Elizabeth,  daughter and heiress of Henry Killigren of Heanton, Sachville, presumably by whom he acquired that  estate. The heiress of Sachville, Elizabeth bought the family home, to her husband Nicholas Yeo  during the time of Edward iii. Three mansions have borne the name of Heanton Sachville, the first  of which was situated on the far side of the Valley near Petrockstowe in Devon. This was home of  the Yeo family for several hundred years (From Nicholas and Elizabeth’s marriage  descend the  various branches of Yeo of Huish, Yeo of Hatherley, Yeo of Shebbear, and Yeo of Bradworthy), then  in 1782 Sir James Innis, Duke of Roxburgh purchased the estate and built a new house on the site of  the present one. Lord Clinton a Yeo descendant, bought this in the 1820’s and it became one of the  family principal residence, until 1935 when a disastrous fire gutted the whole building, and then a  new one was build. Picture of the estate is displayed within this webpage, under the title, THE  EARLY FAMILY HOME.
 William’s wife none registered within The Heralds visitation of the county of Cornwall and Devon  1531, 1564, and 1620, volume 1 a-g and volume 2 h-z with additions. by Lieutenant-Colonel J. L. In  1346 Nicholas Yeo (De la Ya) and Elizabeth Killigren grandson, William (Sachville) ate Yea was  knighted and granted with a Coat of Arms by King Edward iii, who called William my beloved. This  was probably because of William’s loyalty to the Royal Crown and his bravery and support in the  battle of Crecy. In 1349 William married Anne Esse in Heanton, Sachville, daughter of John Esse of  Westo, Devon. She was born in Westo. In 1359 William became sheriff of the County of Devon.  Sheriff’s were the king’s representatives in their county of jurisdiction. The early Yeo’s were a  good breed of fighters.
 Description of William’s Coat of Arms: 
 Crest: - A peacock proper; Representing beauty, power and knowledge. Arms: - Shield with silver or white background (these colours represents peace and sincerity) with  an inverted V colour black  a black chevron represent protection, some-one who have accomplished  some work of faithful service, the black stands for constancy), between three blue drakes, (colour  blue stands for truth and loyalty). 
 Popular saying; Drakes (ducks) by flying, running and swimming under water these birds have many  ways of eluding their enemies and beguiling their hope, they therefore be held to signify a man of  many resources.
 Motto: - Esto simper fidelis (BE EVER FAITHFUL). 
 What Arms can tell us: - Bear in mind; Coat of Arms, do not belong to a surname, armorials are  granted to a specific person. It looks at the identity of persons using the Arms. It can reflect  the personality of the bearer. Coat of Arms is a tool that can be use in genealogy and family  history.  
 Entitlement: - Only one individual, the eldest male of the eldest branch is entitled to bear the  entire family Arms. All others, such as the son of the living father or if the father is diseased,  the younger brother of the eldest living son have no right to do so, and have to modify the family  Arms to show that they are not the head of the family. A modification is also called a mark of  difference, a mark of cadency or a brisure. The mark of difference does not apply to women,  unmarried daughters bears the same arms as their father, while married women generally bears their  father’s Arms with their husband’s Arms within the same shield. Mark of Cadency are mainly found in  the classic heraldic countries, that is those where Arms appeared on battlefields during the 12th  century like England, France, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Other European  countries are more rare or very rare. The mark of difference on the family Arms can take various  forms; the addition or subtraction of a charge, A change of colour or the inversion of the colour.  Picture of William’s Arms is displayed with-in this webpage, under the title; William Yeo 1346.  Grenville Family a Yeo of Gibraltar ancestor, Grenville family descend from the walking Rollo also  known as Hrolf Le Ganger or Rollo the Viking, 1st Duke of Normandy, province of France, a noble  chieftain of Normandy, who being driven thence by King of  Denmark, attempted with his followers a  descent of 
 England, but experienced a repulse from Alfred the Great. In the year 870, Rollo made an irruption  in the Normandy which conquest he completed in 912. He was afterwards invested the the title of  Duke of Normandy and married Gisela De France, daughter of the French King Charles iii also known  as Charles the Simple. As it was a custom at the time, men could have more than one wife. Rollo had  a pagan wife (concubine) named Poppa, daughter of the Count of Berengaria. Rollo married by  Christianity faith to Gisela, there were no children of this marriage. Rollo had children with  Poppa and other concubines, according to historians Rollo had about 14 children but only 4 of these  children are named, Crespina of Normandy, she married Prince. Grimaldus I De Monaco, Kadlin or  Katherine De Normandy, she married King Bjolan of Scotland, Adele or Gerloc (Poppa) De Normandy,  she married Duke. William I (III) (Edgiva) The-Towhead and the other child is Duke William I  (Poppa) the Longs-word of Normandy. William, father of Duke Richard I The fearless of Normandy, he  married Gunnora De Crepon and they had six children two of these six children are the most  important for this genealogy, these two are Duke. Richard II (De Crepon) The Good of Normandy and  Mauge Roger (De Crepon) Earl of Corbeil. Richard II married Judith De Brittany their son, Robert  the Devil V Duke of Normandy married Herleva or Arletta (Harlot) Fulbertson, Robert and Herleva had  a child, William I the Conqueror VII Duke of Normandy & King of England. The Conqueror married  Matilda of Flanders they had four children. King Henry I (Flandes) Beauclec is one of the four  children, Henry married Edith Matilda (of Wessex) Canmore, 6th great granddaughter of Alfred the  Great, relationship, via her mother, Queen Margaret of Wessex who married King Malcolm III of  Scotland of the house of Canmore, this Malcolm III is the ancestor of HM Queen Elizabeth II of  Windsor. Going back to Richard the fearless, his second son, Mauge Roger (De Crepon) III Earl of  Corbeil married Germaine De Corbeil their son, Lord. Hamon Dentatus IV Earl of Corbeil married the  widow of Hugh the Great, Elizabeth D’Avoye. Dentatus and Elizabeth had three children.  Hamon’s eldest son was called after him, Robert Fitzhamon, the second son Sir Richard (of whom Yeo  of Gibraltar Descends) he was called after the name of one of his Lordships, Granville or by  corruption, Variants such as GRENVILLE, GREYNVILLE, GREENFIELD, GRENFEL, GRAYNFIELD or GRANVILIA,  has remained to his posterity ever since. The two brothers, Robert Fitzhamon and Richard Grenville  accompanied their father’s cousin, William the Conqueror in his expedition into England. Robert and  Richard were present with William at the battle of Hasting in Sussex, for their services, William  the 
 Conqueror bestowed on them large gifts and honoured particularly, Richard De Granville the Castle  and Lordships of Bideford, Devon, with other lands, Lordships and possessions, in Cornwall, Devon,  Somerset, Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire. William (Courtenay) Grenville, 11th great grandson  of Rollo the Viking and 9th great grandson of Sir Richard de Granville, William married Philippa  (Fitz-Roger) Bonville, three children were born from this marriage Thomas, Margaret and Helen,  Helen married William (Jewe) Yeo one of the Yeo of Gibraltar ancestors and Thomas married Elizabeth  Gorge one of the ancestors of the Late Lady and Princess Diana Frances (Roche) Spencer. Meaning:  Yeo of Gibraltar and Lady D are cousins, over 16th  generations  away from each other).  FAMILY NAMES: - Family names were developed from four major sources. PATRONYMIC: - These surnames are based on parent’s name.
 Richardson; meaning son of Richard.
 Martinez; meaning son of Martin.
 FitzRobert; meaning son of Robert.
 DiPietro; meaning son of Peter.
 MacOwen; meaning son of Owen.
 McIvan; meaning son of Ivan.
 OCCUPATIONAL: - These surnames are based on the person’s job or trade. Example:
 Giovanni Cacciatore; meaning John the hunter.
 Andres Carnicero; meaning Andrew the butcher.
 Antoin  Charpentier; meaning Anthony the carpenter.
 Douglas Baker; meaning Douglas the baker.
 DESCRIPTIVE: - These surnames are based on a unique quality of the individual, like nicknames or  pets names.
 John Short; meaning John the short.
 Anne Bouteille; meaning Ann the bottle.
 Josep Coelho; meaning Joseph the rabbit.
 Manuel Rico; meaning Manuel the rich.
 GEOGRAPHICAL: - These surnames are based on a person’s residence usually a former residence. Example:
 Maria Romano; meaning Mary of Rome.
 Michael London; meaning Michael of London.
 Josef Madeira; meaning Joseph of Madeira.
 Maria España; meaning Mary of Spain.

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