Using Facebook to Grow Your Family Tree

Discussion in Technical Forum started by Francis Teo, Oct 8, 5:48 AM
Francis Teo
Can we incorporate the below feature to tribalpages family three.

This means using Facebook to add information and new people to family trees quickly and easily. When you attach Facebook information to someone in your tree you’ll get the following:

Photos: Pulling the most recent profile photo from Facebook into your tree. When your cousin Jen updates her Facebook profile photo, it’s automatically updated in your tree.

Find Long Lost Relatives:Using Facebook to suggest people who might be family members–

As relatives grow their trees you’ll get even more hints about people to add.

Birthdays:If your relative includes their birth date in Facebook, tribalpages grab it for you and insert it into your tree.

Quick Contact: Remember that cool photo of Grandma that your uncle has hanging on his wall? When he is added to your family tree from Facebook you have instant access to his Facebook profile right from your tree. Just click through and send him a message on Facebook asking for a copy of that cool photo.

Simple Sourcing: When tribalpages pull data from Facebook, they'll create Source citations so you know where the data came from.

Getting started is easy, here is how it is done:

NOTE TO TRIBALPAGES - pls make this happen!

Not something I would want to see or use personally
Alan Scott
Not that important. Normally easy to do it yourself without having it incorporated in TP. Not enough related friends in facebook, for me, to make it worthwhile.
F G Leovey
Facebook is on its way out, most used is Whatsapp
Robert Andrews
Who in their right mind puts their real birth date on Facebook, or indeed any real info about themselves. Mines marked private friends and family only anyway. The best way to connect with living cousins is via the, ‘Lost Cousins’, website group.