Search date order

Discussion in Feature Requests Forum started by Malcolm Street, Dec 30, 2020
Malcolm Street
When I use either the search box on the menu bar, or the "Family of" search on the view family pages it returns results in alphabetical order - great! However the dates of these people are all mixed up.

For example I have searched for "Smith" and "John" and the results come back as:

John (b.1804)

John (b.1798)

John (b.1802)

John (b.1771)

John (b.1846-1941)

John (b.1766)

John (b.1837)

etc etc

Why can these not be in date order as well? If you have 100 John Smith's its a pain having to look through them all to find the right date.

I have asked this question years ago and didn't get an answer then...