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Discussion in Feature Requests Forum started by Alan Scott, Aug 5, 2021
Alan Scott
If there is a NEW feature that is required then the most important one and the most over due one is that Tribalpages Support starts regularly and quickly answering members posts in Forum. This matter has just got completely out of hand. It has never been good but has now got to the stage where for a business to almost totally ignore its members, as it does now, makes one wonder how long the site will continue to exist. Why continue with a Forum if you cannot operate it properly. Do it as it should be done, or, not at all.
Linda May Rumble
Well said Alan!


I have been waiting THREE MONTHS for Technical Support with a glitch on the amount of words allowed on my Tree profiles - not all of them, but some very important ones - eg. the last verse is missing of a Poem I wrote when my 'Mum' died back in 1989 (the lady that looked after me from 3 months old - not my real mother who became a missing person). I am so upset, because I store all my family information on Tribal Pages - Sadly a family member who is now deceased added another verse onto the end of this poem and that has also been deleted... AND I have NO COPY of that anywhere else - so if the info cannot be restored - those precious words will be lost forever.

I pay for a Deluxe website (expires 10 Feb 2022)

So WHY is this very important and very precious information suddenly missing???

The response times to posting messages in the forum & their responses on here is also completely unacceptable.

TP warns us that messages could take a few hours to be posted now that they have to be verified... but it is now taking WEEKS!

Please sort these issues out before you lose your Customer base... Looks like you have already lost the support of people like Les who used to help people with queries in your absence.